Blackheath Model Flying Club



History & Articles

  • The Blackheath Model Flying Club. (Feb. 1933)
    The Club has been formed three months, and the membership is now 27, which is very good considering the time of the year. The programme of competition fixtures for the year has now been arranged by the committee. Flying meetings are held on Sunday mornings on Blackheath (near Princess of Wales pond), and club meetings are held every other Friday at the St. Mary's Institute, Ladywell Road, Lewisham, at 7.30 p.m., the next one being on February 17th. Those interested in the dub should get into touch with the hon. secretary, E. F. H. COSH, 161, Creek Road, Deptford, S.E.8.

  • 1934 - A Model Gala Day
    The Northern Heights Model Flying Club's rally at the Fairey Aerodrome on Sunday last.
    Ten teams entered for the Inter-Clum Team Contest, each team consisting of three models - one lightweight model, one heavyweight model, and one scale flying model. The Fairey Challenge Cup, the first prize for this event, and 3, was won by Blackheath with 320 points.
    ['Flight' magazine - pg.721, 12th July 1934]

  • 1935 - A crowded Day
    Northern Heights M.F.C. Gala Day - Heathrow Aerodrome, Great West Road...............
    The Duration Hunters
    In the Inter-Club team contest Blackheath M.F.C. won the Fairey Challenge Cup for the secind time with a total duration of 297.8 sec. (four flights).
    ['Flight' magazine - pg.65, 11th July 1935]

  • 1937 - Forthcoming Events
    22nd August, Blackheath M.F.C., contest open to all modellists, Blackheath.
    ['Flight' magazine - pg.490, 13th May 1937]

  • 1939 - Royal Albert Hall
    During one of the flying meetings held by the S.M.A.E. at the Royal Albert Hall during the winter an indoor "spar" rise off-ground record of 3 min 36 sec was set by Mr. Brown, of the Blackheath Model Flying Club. The model was of the microfilm-covered type.
    [Flight magazine - pg.353, 7th Apr 1938]

  • 1937 dinner - Society of Model Aeronautical Enginners.

  • The Green Book 1939 - The Catalogue of Model Aircraft Supplies.

  • National Championships 1947.

  • See also members entries for individuals acheivements.