Blackheath Model Flying Club




George was born on 3rd October 1915 in Deptford. His father John Percival Hinkley was a professional footballer who played for Mill wall and also worked as a machinist. Two sisters were born later. George went to a local school that had a good reputation, especially for art and he developed a love of portrait and landscape painting. At the age of 15 George's father died and I assume he as the eldest and only son needed to help provide finance for the family. This led to his first job at a studio where he worked for a brilliant artist who used to teach at Goldsmiths College. George worked as an assembler for the studio at Crystal Palace, Olympia and other exhibitions. After leaving this company he had no work for three months, on meeting a friend whose father was Eddy Keil an importer of Balsa Wood whose premises had burnt down and had just received 2000 worth of Balsa wood he helped him stage exhibitions of Model Aircraft. I believe George joined BMFC around 1931/32. He was a skilled craftsman and produced beautiful models. I was fortunate to be given some of his airframes and wings as a teenager in the late 50's and converted them into various gliders which all performed well. When he married in 1948 he gradually ceased modelling and after a long and happy marriage he passed away aged 92 on 20th March 2008.



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