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  • 1937
    S.M.A.E Annual General Meeting
    The Annual General Meeting of the Society of Model Aeroplane Engineers, held on March 24, marked the conclusion of the first year under the new constitution. The year was aptly described by Mr. E.F.H. Cosh, the hon. secretary, as the most momentous in the Society's history. The scheme under which it became a federation of local clubs had greatly increased its prestige and its effectiveness as the body governing model aeronautics in Great Britain. Thrity-one clubs had become affiliated, and numerous applications were pending.
        The outstanding event was sending of a Wakefield team to America and the retrieving of the Wakefield Cup by Mr. Judge. This had been made possible by generous donations from Lord Wakefield and other good friends of model aeronautics, to whom the Society desired to express its gratitude.
       The system of holding certain competitions simultaneously on the affiliated club's grounds had resulted in more numerous entries. Certain difficulties had still to be overcome, but there was every reason to anticipate still greater success in 1937.
       The following officers were elected : President, Dr. A.P. Thurston; vice-presidents, the Duke of Richmond and Gordon, Messrs. A.F. Houlberg, G. Geoffrey Smith, M.B.E.; W.E. Evans, B.K. Johnson, Capt. C.E. Brown; chairman, Mr.A.F. Houlberg; vice-chairman, Mr. H.J.Hawkins; hon. secretary, Mr. E.F.H. Cosh; hon. treasurer, Mr. H.J. Hawkins; competition secretary, Mr. J.C. Smith; Press secretary, Mr. H. York; technical secretary, Mr. R.N. Bullock. Messrs. B.K. Johnson and W.E. Evans were released from office, and made vice-presidents in appreciation of their valuable services over many years.
    ['Flight' magazine - pg.490, 13th May 1937]
  • 1948
    Model Engineers Council
    The officers of the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers have been elected by ballot and the Council consists of the following :-
    Chairman : Mr. A.F. Houlberg, Fellow and Oxford.
    Vice Chairman : Mr. C.A. Rippon, Fellow and Northern Heights.
    Hon. Secretary : Mr. D.A. Gordon, West Essex.
    Hon. Treasurer : Mr. L.J. Hawkins, Fellow and Blackheath. 
    Hon. Comp. Secretary : Mr. H.R. Turner, Northern Heights.
    Hon. Technical Sec. : Mr. G.W.W. Harris, Farnborough, Hants.
    Hon. Press Sec. : Mr. H. York, Fellow and Blackheath.
    Hon. Records Officer : Mr. C.S. Rushbrooke, Fellow and Leicester.
    The Area Councils now administer a total of 147 clubs divided up as follows :
    London area, 60; Nort-Western area, 31; Midland area, 19, Northern area, 15; North-Eastern area, 4; South-Eastern area, 9; South Wales area, 9;.
    Thus there are now seven fully constituted Areas so that the Council will consist of 15 members gathered from widely separated parts, which will give better representation than ever before.
    ['Flight' magazine - pg.131, 29th Jan 1948]

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