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  • Family group sheets.

    One family group to a page with children, notes, and links to documents such as wills etc. Each families page is linked to relevant ancestor or descendent's family page.

  • Index of Names - a full list of names linked to each family page.

  • Links & Miscellany - Misc. Wills etc.; links to related web sites, & 'One Name Studies', & to descendants from other branches of my tree etc. etc. 

  • Quick reference to the surnames & areas of origin of the families in my tree. 

  • Friends & family pages (Password required)


Other web sites of mine :-

Spitty Genealogy

Home page for family history research of the surname Spitty and its variant spellings :-
ie. Spittey, Spittie, Spyty, Spytey, Spetty etc. 

Wellbelove Genealogy

Home page for family history research of the surname Wellbelove and its variant spellings :-
Wellbeloved,  Welbelove,  Welbeloved,  Wellbylove(d),  Wellbeluft, Willbelove(d)  etc.

25th London Cycle Regiment

During WW1, 1/25th London regiment was posted to India, from 1916-1919. They were engaged in the Waziristan Campaign against the Mahsuds in 1917, the Amritsar rising in 1919, and the 3rd Afghan War  in 1919. Also contains info on the 2/25th & 3/25th.

Blackheath Model Flying Club

This South London club no longer exists. The page currently contains club information from the 1930's & 1940's.

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